Entry for Land Ownership/ France

Land Ownership data are going to be availble in the National Public Service of Data as the legislator decided: Service Public de la Donnée - data.gouv.fr

The only issue is that the land ownership data is still not available in open data because of the necessary work to open the database.

But the land ownership data are publicly availble on a dedicated website : cadastre.gouv.fr

And the informations available are updated.

Dear @romtal thank you for this resource. The cadastre as it is right now doesn’t comply with the characteristics we’re looking for so we will only keep this as a good update for future versions of GODI

We understand your position. Nevertheless, we believe two criteria must be taken into consideration as the data is “up to date” and is “publicly available”.

Even if it is available, you can’t download it and thus can’t really use the data further, since you can visualize only small parcels with each query.

Dear @tlacoyodefrijol Although the cadastre is not yet in open data, if you consider the MAJIC database, it is downloadable at once, open, machine readable and up to date - It is quite similar to the UK situation, which scores 35% in that category.
Further information here: http://www.geoinformations.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/diffusion-des-fichiers-fonciers-r916.html