Land Ownership entry / UY


About this entry; I’d like add this comments:

  • Parcel boundaries (inc. latitude and longitude) - YES This information is included in the dataset
  • Parcel ID - YES This information is included in the dataset
  • Property value (i.e. Price Paid, Property Tax Value) - YES This information is included in the dataset

It’s not openly licenced Wrong It’s available under terms and conditions of the catalogue.
It’s not in an open and machine-readable format Wrong It’s a CSV file, with metadata as PDF
It’s not downloadable at once Wrong you can download from the catalogue
It’s not up-to-date Wrong It is updated monthly
It’s not publicly available Wrong
It’s not available free of charge Wrong

Open data index entry for Land ownership and Locations / Uruguay

Hi @gustavo_uy,

Thanks for your feedback. Are you referring to this portal? This is the URL that our reviewer @codrina was referring to. It would be great if you could help spotting the reference URL.

All the best


Hi Danny and @codrina; yes, I’m refering to this dataset.

I don’t know why such a change in the evaluation from 2015, where it complies 100% as open data.


Thank you for the resource Gustavo,

We checked again and the reason why the review was 0% is that according to this year’s methodology, we were looking for a map of the country with the land ownership linked to it. In this case, we are missing a resource where we can relate the CSVs to a map. You can see the Denmark example, where they link to a Shapefile with each of those codes here. Since we couldn’t find such reference on the site, we can’t change the status of the submission.


Hi, Oscar, Danny. According to our laws we cannot publish land ownership.
If you need a map where to view the land plots you can check if this link is ok. It’s from the same agency that publish the dataset.


Hi @gustavo_uy,

Thank you so much for the background info. We are aware that the current land ownership category sets a high bar. We will add the information you just provided. Also it would be interesting to hear more about the law regulating land ownership publication. This can also help us to refine the data category.


Hi to everyone. there’s also this dataset that adds info on every “parcela”: