GODI 2016 result on Ukraine - Land Ownership data




Land ownership data in Ukraine scored 0% in 2016 while the same data was scored 60% in 2015. The situation on land ownership data has not changed in Ukraine ( http://map.land.gov.ua/kadastrova-karta )

Could you please clarify the result and such a big difference in scoring on the same data?

Thank you


Hi @kateryna,

This is because we changed the land ownership data category this year (as part of a fellowship with Cadasta, see here).

As you can see last year we checked the availability of following information:

Land borders
Land owners name
Land size
national level
updated yearly

In 2016 we assessed following data which was identified by Cadasta as crucial (see here for more information):

Parcel boundaries (inc. latitude and longitude)
Parcel ID
Property value (i.e. Price Paid, Property Tax Value)
Tenure Type (ie. leasehold, freehold, protected lands, public lands, customary lands).

So the difference in scoring is due to our different point of assessment.

Do get in touch, if anything is unclear, I’m happy to give more background to the fellowship and the results