Entry for land / tw


This is a discussion about the submission for land / tw.

In the dataset (http://data.gov.tw/node/34315) include KML files(parcel layer that displays boundaries)

XML files(addition to a land registry with information on registered parcels of land).

It’s easy to use by the geographical tool.

In my view, Taiwan’s land ownership should be as follows:
•It’s openly licensed
•It’s available free online
•It’s available in bulk
•It’s available free of charge
•It’s in an open format


Any suggestions with this Submission?


Hi @EricJuang,

Apologies for the belated reply. I wanted to open the XML file but were unable to read it properly (no recognition of characters). Can you recommend an XML viewer recognising them?


I use chrome browser to open those XML files. Or is there any other ways I can help you?