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This is a discussion about the submission for map / tw.

The National Map of Taiwan is opened at http://data.gov.tw/node/24888 . It is available in bulk and in an open format.


Hi @afro0525,

I checked this URL, and from the metadata it seems to contain similar information to our current reference dataset (see here: http://data.gov.tw/node/17214)

I’m just wondering, what exact dataformat is the data published in? It’s not stated in the metadata


HI @dannylammerhirt

The National Map of Taiwan has 2 dataset (with and without contour lines) that opened at http://data.gov.tw/node/24888.

The dataset in this Url (see here: http://data.gov.tw/node/17214) is Taiwan e-Map with contour lines
The othe dataset without contour lines, please see here : https://data.gov.tw/dataset/25108.

Hope this help. :slight_smile: