Entry for Draft Legislation / Taiwan


This is a discussion about the submission for Draft Legislation / Taiwan.

Doesn’t look like the link is working.

The link on this page works though: http://gazette.nat.gov.tw/egFront/openData02.do?action=last


The link is working and providing the newest data, I can download data from “下載” on that page.


There’s no such link on this page: http://data.gov.tw/node/5959


There have three methods to get the data.
1.Click the XML on this page http://data.gov.tw/node/5959
2.Click “下載” on this page http://gazette.nat.gov.tw/egFront/openData02.do?action=last
3.Download directly from http://gazette.nat.gov.tw/egFront/OpenData/download.jsp


Yeah, it works now. Previously it hasn’t worked.