Entry for National Maps / Bulgaria



This is a discussion about the submission for National Maps / Bulgaria.

Submission has mistakes:

B3. all should be marked. The dataset includes water sources, rivers and lakes. It also has the national borders
B8. Actually T an G are the correct answers as the arcgis server supports multiple formats.
B9. should be 3. Data is available in a gis server and is very easy to ingrate. All geo data requires some technical skills.


Could you please provide the link to the arcgis server, because the provided link was for the "REGISTER OF GEOGRAPHICAL NAMES IN BULGARIA / INSPIRE " and that is not compliant with requirements for this theme. Thank you.


The link pasted above is the viewer for the map server, which combines different sources.
This is the endpoint for the national map arcgis is:

Recently it was included in a newer integrated map for better searching of places like springs, protected cultural or natural heritage, individual parcels (buildings, agricultural, administrative, roads, beaches. etc.), street names and number and others. There’s an option for pulling reports and matching kmz data. There’re also paid services as the ownership of the parcels and bigger data dumps are costly.
Most of that data (except the street names and numbers and the ownership is also in the inspire arcgis.


Here’s an additional resource regarding the national borders., regional borders, waters, settlements, national resources, seismic and other risks, topology, infrastructure, etc. It’s backed by opengis. Documentation and access to the tile/xml services are discussed in the forum that comes with the map. Public documentation is pending.