Entry for National Statistics Mexico

After the review made to the section I noticed that the reason why it is not up to date because the ‘latest population information is from 2015’.
The datasets specified are related to the ‘National Population Census’ which in most countries is done every 5 or 10 years because of its costs.
Nonetheless, Mexico DOES officialy release current population statistics as ‘Demographic indicators’ (https://datos.gob.mx/busca/dataset/proyecciones-de-la-poblacion-de-mexico/resource/08070f55-0a97-48fb-bfe9-e8a6c33a7f28).
This dataset is released by the National Population Comission, the entity officialy in charge of making demographic statistics in Mexico.

Dear @Enrique_Zapata,

thank you very much for your feedback. As part of the public dialogue phase we will follow up on your input and will get back to you in the coming days.

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@Enrique_Zapata - I wanted to review this, but got a 404 on the link you sent saying “No encontramos lo que buscabas :(”

Any other link I can use to retrieve this data?

Hi yes! Here is the link to the complete dataset - includig all data resources on demographic indicators.


Also, you can visualize them here datos.gob.mx in ‘Gráfica de Barras’


This is helpful! Thank you!