Entry for procurement / gb


UK procurement data in the Open Contracting Data Standard is available on a daily basis (albeit slightly hidden) here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/open-contracting.


Thanks Georg. My submission (http://global.survey.okfn.org/entry/gb/procurement) noted the daily data. The UK only lost points in this category because the current Contracts Finder dataset isn’t available as a bulk download.


Thanks Owen. It seems daily snapshots are downloadable from here: https://data.gov.uk/publisher/crown-commercial-service
Maybe worth clarifying if they don’t qualify.


Yes, that link was in my submission. Unfortunately although the daily data files are called “snapshots” on GOV.UK they are only the data added each day; not true snapshots of the dataset as a whole.


Indeed @georgneu, the daily data doesn’t allow you to get a record of the dataset as a whole. Thanks for clarifying @owenboswarva