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So - this is one of those cases when google translate is not enough… I wonder if anyone know of a way to understand the source to the data on the Thailand spending site. It says that the data on it is - “disclosing government spending data developed from the procurement data that the Department of Accounting has disclosed through “data.go.th”.”

Anyone can shed light if this is procurement data or if there is a transaction file somewhere on the government portal that we are missing?

My name is Pimluck Klangwichit and I am the researcher of the EGA. (Thailand’s Open Data). I would like to clarify certain points regarding "Government spending” as follow:
Government spending project, (https://govspending.data.go.th/) has provided the visualization of the government spending data for the Thai citizens. These initiatives have significantly increased the transparency and accountability of the Thai government. The project was made possible by the cooperation between The Comptroller general’s Department, Bureau of The Budget, Office of Public Sector Anti-Corruption Commission and EGA. This source called the government spending on the Thailand’s open data (data.go.th) describes data relating to the procurement of committed projects and planned budgets of the government. It was named government spending because it is expected to be the committed expenditure of the government is spending for the upcoming year.

HI @Pimluck_Klangwichit! Thanks for the reply!

According to your answer, this dataset does not qualify to the criteria we are looking for. We are looking for spending that happened in the past, not committed expenditure. Therefore, I will change that score.

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Thank you!