Entry for Water Quality / Romania


This is a discussion about the submission for Water Quality / Romania.

I found the report for year 2015 which has been referenced last year in the Ministry of Health website by going to the old backed up website of Ministry of Health. It leads to here http://www.insp.gov.ro/cnmrmc/images/rapoarte/Raport-sintetic-2015.pdf Just like in 2014, actual measurement data are not given in the publication nor is there an indication what they are measuring. My guess is they abide by EU standards on measurement. If the answer to this is yes, then answer should be yes that the data exists, and all other answers should be negative.



Thank you so much for posting this link. This year the GODI survey is much stricter. Last year it was fine that to establish if the data exists or not, however this year if the the data and all the parameters aren’t there then we have to reject the submission and give it a 0%.