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This is a discussion about the submission for water / sg.


Singapore’s drinking water quality data is published on the water agency’s website and Data.gov.sg. The dataset has been updated with 2016 data.

The collected data is based on WHO guidelines for drinking water quality.

It is unclear why Singapore received 0% in the preliminary review, and we hope that the reviewers could relook this.




Unfortunately we can’t accept this submission because the data was uploaded after March 15th. We will add the link in the comments but it won’t change the submission.

Thanks for posting the dataset.



Hi @nisha,

The PDF version was up even in November last year, so it’s odd that we got 0% in the end.



Hi @Lin_Zhaowei,

To clarify this, I have been looking at the original submission and agree that the score must be higher than 0%. For everyone who wishes to follow this discussion: Zhaowei submitted in the first submission a link which contains a list of water quality indicators available in a PDF file. After March 2017, Singapore made this data available as machine-readable data, publishing aggregate figures for the entire country.

In our data requirements the Global Open Data Index states that data need to have national coverage and need to be available per individual water source. This year we accepted data with national coverage, even if they are not provided per individual water source. We wish to highlight that the raw data are possibly available somewhere, as evidenced by national averages. I will change this entry accordingly, so we can give a higher score.

In the future, we want to focus on the availability of water quality data by water source. This means that national aggregates would gain significantly less points, whilst water quality by water source would be rewarded stronger. There is obviously a trade-off between national coverage and high levels of disaggregation, but only by taking both into account can we have the best data available.

Zhaowei, it would be great to learn more, whether it is feasible for Singapore to publish water data that is disaggregated by each water source, or at least available on levels such as communal level. It would be great to hear current blockages to provide more disaggregated water data. I think other people would be very interested too.