Water Quality dataset



just a tiny suggestion.

The water quality dataset deals with drinking water, right? I know it’s kinda obvious, but it’s always better to be as explicit as possible imho : )

Also one technical note - when I click on the help sign next to the name of a dataset (blue infoicon), it does nothing. http://global.census.okfn.org/place/cz

Entry for Water Quality / United Kingdom

@michaelar, I moved this topic to a more relevant sub-category. :smile:

I think the answer to your question would be “Yes.” However, I guess, if it’s in the case, we need to deal with filtration plants, not water sources, or maybe both. In Korea, Republic of, data about the required chemicals is only available at the level of filtration plants, and data about water sources is on a different level. Any thoughts, @Mor?

The question about the info icon would be addressed by @nealbastek. :wink:


Yes, @michaelar, we do speak on drinking water. I’ll change it.
@jgkim - filtering point should be fine.


Then, we should change the definition and the minimum criteria of the dataset. Now, it only says about water sources.


I will speak to our expert and change it.