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The observational data recorded at various types of surface and upper air observatories, are scrutinised and archived at the National Data Centre, Pune. It has approximately 8 billion characters of data storage which includes ship data and rainfall data of State raingauges spanning over a century. The statistics thus compiled are periodically revised and updated. The archives form the basis for computation of means, normals, frequencies and other derived parameters, for their analysis and interpretation, and for the preparation of district and state climate summaries and atlases. It makes weather forecast for the country and upto the level of cities (http://www.imd.gov.in/pages/city_weather_show.php, http://geospatial.imd.gov.in/district_rainfall/ and http://www.imdpune.gov.in/weather_forecasting/Marine/Forecast.html) .

We would request you to revise all the parameters as mentioned below:
Are the data available online without the need to register or request access to the data?: Yes
Openly licenced: No
In an open and machine-readable format: Yes
Downloadable at once: Yes
Up-to-date: Yes
Publicly available: Yes
Available free of charge: Yes
Location: http://www.imd.gov.in/pages/city_weather_show.php, http://geospatial.imd.gov.in/district_rainfall/ ; http://www.imdpune.gov.in/weather_forecasting/Marine/Forecast.html


Dear @Akhilesh_Srivastava,

For this year’s index we exclusively assessed the openness of weather forecasts by looking into the availability of three forecast items: temperature, rainfall, and wind speed and direction. Only if these elements are provided, we considered the data as available online (see more here).

In a similar vein, we did not assess weather forecasts of other countries such as Japan (see our discussion here).

Do you also provide wind and temperature data openly?

We will get together with partners from the WMO and others to consult how to improve this category. I am happy to acknowledge in our reviewer comments the many data you already make available.

We will explore if we also assess historical weather data in the future. We also opened a call for governments and others to give us feedback what data is most important to assess. (look here.