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This is a discussion about the submission for [Global Open Data Index 2016 / India]

Open Government Data Division, National Informatics Centre, is spearheading the open government data movement in India. It is the official nodal agency, authorised by the Government of India for rolling out and promotion of open data initiative in government departments and for community participation.

Being a proactive, responsible and globally conscious organization with a team dedicated to the cause of open government data movement; we had submitted our responses for the survey conducted by OKFN for the year 2016 on an early date (i.e. 20-09-2016). The URL for the same is as follows: http://global.census.okfn.org/place/in/2016
Seeing the ranking and evaluation declared by OKFN. it is understood that entry submitted by us has not been either considered or evaluated. It came to our notice that the website, on which the responses were submitted by us, was subsequently changed. Unfortunately it did not come to our notice, as there was no communication to us in this effect.

For most of the cases where India has been shown 0% open or open with very less %, data has been either published on India’s Open Government Data Platform or are available on the government departments websites. This has been clearly indicated in our survey submission.

We presume that evaluation of our entry will shed proper light on the data made open by Government of India under various categories under consideration and would give a clear picture and position of open data movement. With this view in mind we request you to consider our survey submission for the year 2016 in the prescribed format on the new website (global.survey.okfn.org/place/in).

Looking forward to your positive response and confirmation at an early date.

Hi Akhilesh,

Looks like you used 2015 URL for submission previously and Thanks for submitting it once again in new URL. Great effort and hope this will be definitely considered. So, nice to see the awesome progress of India in OGD.

cc @Mor @oscar


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Dear @Akhilesh_Srivastava,

Thank you for raising this issue on the forum and making this conversation open! We have updated our blog with all the steps about the index, and I apologise that you got confused. The submission was not being evaluated simply because we didn’t use that platform and because it doesn’t use this year’s methodology.

As I wrote last week on our blog, on May 2nd the Index will be open for submissions of correction. You are more than invited to submit corrections then since our survey is still under review.

I am also would be happy to hear if the Government of India is open for a discussion about this with other civil society groups and to hear about the experience. CC @nisha

Let me know if you have more questions!

Dear @Akhilesh_Srivastava,

Yesterday we started our public dialogue phase. For 30 days you may comment on the results, and we will incorporate your feedback if there is a justified reason to do so. Please do reach out and send us your feedback.

Also do not hesitate to get back if you have questions about the process.

All the best

Hi @Akhilesh_Srivastava, just a reminder that you need to open an observation for the datasets so we can take a look at them and the dialogue is made for each of them.


Hi Oscar, Please help me by sharing the link where I have to comment against datasets of India as unable to find it. As per my understanding, comment would come under propose revision. But when we click propose revision, it shows “Submissions closed”.

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dear @Akhilesh_Srivastava,

We are not accepting submission to the old survey site. If you would like to contest the results, you will have to comment on then on this forum. To do so, go to the relevant submission on index.okfn.org (for example - https://index.okfn.org/place/in/statistics/ and click on the ‘discuss findings’ at the bottom of the page.