Episode 1- 2018/2/1: US Open Knowledge Network and WPRDC Overview

WEBINAR RECAP: A New Year, a renewed beginning for the US Open Knowledge Network

The recording of the first webinar in the monthly series of the rejuvenated US Open Knowledge Network is now available!

For something that started as a New Year’s resolution that came to me as I was traipsing through a walking trail Jan 1 to the inaugural webinar a few weeks later, its gratifying how quickly all the resources came together on short notice!

In my mind, that’s testament to the latent potential of community, the very thing we’re trying to tap and facilitate here in the US. Big thanks to @pwalsh, @sandervdwaal, @oscarmontiel & @Bytemarks who facilitated the request to reboot the US node in short order and the WPRDC team (@rgradeck, @steve.saylor & @dwalker) for putting up with my pestering the past two weeks to be inaugural speakers of the webinar series. :slight_smile:

Having been involved in the CKAN ecosystem since 2012, one recurring feedback I get from the US community was the lack of local resources beyond the usual developer-focused online resources one might expect of the most successful open source, data management platform.

Beyond the mailing lists, online documentation and other great online resources that OKI has compiled, there was no group that was available across the US. With the rebooted US Open Knowledge Network Node, this will no longer be the case.

I say “will” as this is still an aspirational goal, and one that will only succeed with your support.

So as per the Call to Action in the presentation:

  • If you’re US-based and interested in topics/projects Open Knowledge (open data, frictionless data, CKAN, etc.), JOIN US by signing up in this forum.
  • If you have a story/project/idea to share during one of the monthly webinars, add it to the webinar backlog!
  • Fill out the survey below to give us feedback and start the conversation!

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