Episode 2 - 2018/3/1: Data.gov; Open Data Day; US City Open Data Census

WHEN: Mar 1, 2018. 2-3p EST / noon-1p MST / 11a-noon PST / 9-10a HST

WHERE: GotoWebinar :point_left:t4: register here

Data.gov is the US government’s national data portal. As such, it aggregates more than 226,000 datasets representing more than 10 million data resources. It does this primarily by harvesting data from 166 different agencies/subagencies and 753 publishers across all levels of governments in the US (as of Feb 16, 2018 per data.gov’s metrics page) - making it the largest CKAN installation in the US.

In this webinar, the Data.gov team will give an overview of the program, several initiatives underway to improve the site, and share their roadmap.

As this is the Thursday before Open Data Day, we will also review local ODD activities across the US, and Sunlight Cities will give an overview of the relaunched US City Open Data Census.


5 mins - Introductions (Burt & Joel)

30 mins - Data.gov (Philip Ashlock & Hyon Kim) >slide 7, >recording 7m45s

10 mins - Open Data Day activities (OKN US & Alex Dodds@Sunlight Open Cities)

13 mins - Q & A >slide 41, >recording 50m37s

2 mins - wrap-up. Save the date for next monthly webinar.

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Looking forward to this!

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