UK City Open Data Census Sprint May 2016

Proposing we do an informal sprint on the UK City Open Data Census this Saturday, 7th May 1:30pm-4:30pm:

If you are interested in joining for some or all of the time please vote in the poll and also leave your name below in a comment.

  • 1:30pm
  • 2:30pm
  • 3:30pm

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@okengland - who could make this? /cc @JosephMcArthur @nickmhalliday @Yeba @Lata @MathPascal @jcmolloy @laura

@Graham_Steel @ewan_klein - would you guys be able to make this? Are there others member of OK Scotland who could join?

Sadly can’t make those times


No problem - are there any times that afternoon that work for you?

Sadly none that I know now. If my some fluke I’m available I’ll swing by

@rufuspollock Great to push forward with this, but it’s a bit short notice for me. I’m already immersed at the moment in organising a couple of other events this week, so don’t have any spare cycles.

Hi Rufus,

sorry cannot make it either at a Harlequins match Saturday PM.


anyway/chance this can also happen for US?

@jalbertbowden be great to broaden this and have this happen in the US! Are you up for joining on Saturday?

@ewan_klein understood - can you advertise to other OK Scotland folks and report back on interest? Also @Graham_Steel what about you?

@ewan_klein if we were to organize another of these is there a time that works?

All good.
I currently have a much much more serious issue to deal with so have to bow out of this one at this time, sorry.

@rufuspollock We’ve got an OK Edinburgh meet up tonight, so will try to canvas views there, and also look at possible dates.

Yes I can make the 1:30 & 2:30 Slots.

unfortunately i have a prior engagement. would like to talk about it/do in the future. was involved in some talks a few months back between cfa and sunlight around us census. need to pick that up where we left off and bring them into something like this. good luck on saturday!

Actually, I might be able to contribute for a bit @rufuspollock tomorrow afternoon.

Just submitted my 1st entry - on Glasgow Air Quality.

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@Graham_Steel that is great - we are now on the hangout - please come join us!