Fiscal Datasets Importance Survey

Dear All,

Within the project (, we aim to provide an open-source software framework and accompanying Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) platform for supporting financial transparency, thus enhancing accountability within public sectors, and as a result preventing corruption.

Currently we are conducting a survey to determine the importance score of factors that should be available on a fiscal dataset.

The goal of this survey is to find the important factors that should exist in open fiscal datasets and to score the importance of these factors. From there we will subsequently:

  1. Create an assessment framework for open fiscal datasets.
  2. Rank open fiscal datasets.
  3. Compare the ranking result on fiscal data sets with rankings done by OK-GODI ( and Open Data Barometer (
  4. Establish a guideline for public officials to publish open fiscal datasets.

The survey is available here: Important factors in open fiscal datasets. The targeted users of this survey are people who have experiences in accessing, using, processing, creating OR publishing open data, especially fiscal data sets from government officials.

We would really appreciate if you can participate in the survey and share the survey in related communities or venues.

Fathoni Musyaffa
University of Bonn

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Hey @fathoni

It would be great to note for the audience here that OBEU, the technical platform, is based on OpenSpending Next - most components of OpenSpending Next are used, including the Packager and the Fiscal Data Package specification. So, taking part in this survey will ultimately also help the main OpenSpending platform.

Hi @pwalsh,

Thanks for the addition! We will publish the survey result and indeed taking part in the survey will help the OpenSpending platform.

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Dear all,

I would like to express my gratitude for those who have participated in the open fiscal data survey (Important factors in open fiscal datasets) . We have more thoughts about the importance of factors in open fiscal data and also a pointer to other related work as well. We plan to publish the result on a paper later on. Thank you!

If you have not participated in the survey, your participation would be contributive! It would take you around 6 minutes (or less if you are familiar with open data concepts) to fill out the survey.

Best regards,

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