Good examples of fiscal data visualisation?

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I’m currently collecting examples of fiscal data visualisations for a research project. The project is looking at how different kinds of visualisations and visual elements are used to narrate public finances - whether by journalists, civil society organisations or public sector bodies.

Once we have collected a decent corpus of examples, we will do a bit of analysis. In the medium term I hope this will become a useful reference for those interested in using data visualisation for advocacy and/or journalism around public finances.

I’ve started out with an initial list of 165 different projects, but am keen to include:

  • More examples from around the world;
  • More examples of different kinds of visualisations and visual approaches - especially those that go beyond top-down overviews and spending over time;
  • More examples of different types of stories and narratives around public finance. For example many projects focus on top beneficiaries or ranking departments, but I’m keen to see more compelling examples looking at things like tax revenue and tax distribution, comparisons of spending per capita in different areas, trans-national comparisons, etc.

The list so far is available here:

If any of you can think of examples to add, please do either suggest them in this thread, pop me an email (to first name dot last name at kcl dot ac dot uk), or ping me on Twitter (at @jwyg).

Thanks for your help!



Municipal budget (planned and executed) showing data over 3-4 years for 5 different municipalities. There are some very nice small touches here, but it is all in Hebrew:

Visualisation of health expenditure in state budget over time, with additional context of who held ministerial posts over time. The visualisation also has a nice slider mechanism for adjust the scale of time in the view port. Again, Hebrew only: מפתח התקציב

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I think I have just the thing for you:

I’m just starting to get involved in this project - it’s quite unique in that its core model is a “4 quadrant” income/expenses/assets/liabilities view, allowing comparisons between both public entities (governments, NGOs) and private ones (corporations, individuals).

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Have a look at this network mapping of procurements in Switzerland

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Hi, in Paraguay we have been working with data visualization for public contracts and their finantial execution. Here are some examples:

Perhaps they might help at least as inspiration


Thanks everyone! I’ve added suggestions from emails, mailing lists, social media and this forum thread to the spreadsheet, and our collection now includes over 220 examples.

I’m still very keen to hear about any other interesting projects - so if anyone knows of any civil society organisations, media organisations, governments or others who have done interesting data visualisations about public finances, I’d love to hear about them!

It is nothing out of the ordinary, but for the sake of comprehensiveness, you can add the Monitor of the State treasury of the Czech Republic.

Plus, several “artistic” visualizations of budget data can be found here.

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Visualisation of European public procurements as ‘contract flows’ between contracting authorities and contractors (to get to it, select for example Germany (“DE”) from “Contracting authority country” and go to “Contract flows” tab.

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I just came across this:

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I didn’t see it in the list (but it is getting long so I might have missed it) - this one is neat :smile:

Great initiative btw!

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Two examples from


Two more from Brazil:
Mosaico Orçamentário -
DataViva -


Spotted this one a few days ago and adding it here so I remember to add it to the list next time I update it! :slight_smile:


one more example of open data visualisation from Ukraine
“.007: Search and Analysis” — is a web portal, based on open data about public budget
spendings. The project’s goal is to search and visualisualize data from open sources on
government’s public budget usage. The idea around the project is to allow anyone to use web
based tool to get visualization of the complex data arrays in readable and simple way.
Site was launched in 08 April 2016 and is developed still. Some pages are under constraction.


Three more from USA:


In Argentina this was a pioneer a long time ago (still running)
And this is spendview from the mit

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The Australian Financial Review’s Budget Explorer -

Adrian Gates
Sr. System Admin - Apps4Rent

I think it would be great if people post a screenshot along with their links - useful in itself (we are talking about visualizations!) and often sites disappear offline!

If someone wants to volunteer to add this i’ve made this topic a wiki topic so you can edit the main item to add images …

Best Example of data visualization see follow this link

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