Little experiment: planned and executed deviation visualization in municipal spanish budgets


In Gobierto we have built a small tool to visualize and be able to analize how the executed budget deviates from the plan. We have loaded data from many of the +8.000 municipalities. You can choose to visualize municipalities which surpasses an specific deviation threshold in %, filter by population and region.

This will eventually end up as part of some of our tools, but if anyone is interested in using this with other data, we’ll be happy to tidy up the code a little bit, document it and make it easy to reuse.

More in our blog (spanish):


Wow, this is very cool!

Have you tried to see if there are any substantial differences between different regions, which can also be seen through the visualisation?


@adam, yes. If you play around you can easily discover that Extremadura for example have 55% of the municipalities exceed the budget by 10%, while in La Rioja 72% of municipalities remains 10% short of the budget.