Government Budget Dataset Definition for GODI 2015

According to the final datasets definition of GODI 2015, the following minimum criteria must be met for the government budget dataset:

  • Planned budget divided by government department and sub-department.
  • Updated once a year.
  • The budget should include descriptions regarding the different budget sections.

However, in the Republic of Korea, the government budget dataset doesn’t include descriptions for the different budget sections. It includes budget divided by government departments, ledgers, accounts, sectors, parts, programs, and sub-programs, and the names for those sections are reasonable so people can understand them without great difficulty.

In this case, should I say the government budget dataset doesn’t meet the minimum criteria? Or any other thoughts? Maybe @Mor?

Budget descriptions should explain where the money is going to be spend, for example - if the money is going to pre-school is it going to be spend on construction or staff and where it would be spend north or south?

If you have a very detailed budget, then it would pass as a budget, just write in the comment section that it is detailed and there is no need for description.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks, @Mor. It helped!

One more question about government spending data. If only high-level data is available without transactional information, should I answer “No” to the question “Does the data exist?”?

I think that the fact they publish it in high level mean they have it in detailed level, but they don’t publish it. so I will say the data exist but not available?

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