Help translating social media about GODI



Hi, I’m in & interested to translate in Bengali.


Hello, I’m interested in translating it into Japanese.


Hey @Mor and @tlacoyodefrijol,

The French translation of the two documents : launch blogpost + insights page, made by the OKF France team, is ready. Should we share the docs with you in DM ?

Is there any tweets you’d like us to translate as well so you can announce it to the francophone community ? cc @pzwsk and @samgta

We can also take it from there and boost it on additional francophone mailing lists. Have you also shared on the OGP Civil Society community ?


That is fantastic @CecileLG can you share the docs with Mor and me, so we can share in French as well?


Done !

Do you also need this one (how to read the results) localised ?

Let us know what else could be useful !


Hi @tlacoyodefrijol
is there anything to translate into Persian?


Hi Mohammad, I thought I shared the docs. Can you DM me an email to share the documents with you?


Do let me know how I can help translation for Malay.


And Oscar uploaded it to the blog!

Share widely! @samgta @CecileLG @pzwsk


Sure, we will, thanks Oscar and Mor !


Sharing with you Nany


Hi! I couldn’t see the link to shared document (if there’s any) that I could use to translate in Malay.


Hi, Oscar. I have translated all bulk tweets here to Malay and I made sure all of it are under 140 words. :grin:


I’ve translated it into Japanese.

Markdown format is downloadable here.


I have translated and attached it into Korean.

  • Haklae


I can translate hebrew . :slightly_smiling_face: