How long will it take to complete one review iteration?

Hi everyone,
I have a question about the open data review process. Namely, from reading the tutorial, it seems that the process can be broken down into these processes: Submission → Peer Review → Expert Review.
Does any one know how long each process is?

The status of some submissions is “pending,” what does it mean by pending? Or, how come it’s pending?

Also, I would like to know, how does one become an Expert Reviewer?



As mentioned in this blog post by @Mor, the census is open for submissions from 25 August - 20 September 2015.

After 20 September 2015, Editors will review submissions and either:

  • accept them
  • reject them
  • or discuss them with submitters to clarify things.

Pending means a submission has been made but an Editor has not reviewed it yet.

I’ll let Mor answer about the process to become an Editor. Even if you’re not an Editor you can still review submissions that have been made by others and comment on them.

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Dear Stephen,
Thanks for your reply.

But, as I login and checked the submission, there was the message
“You do not have permissions to review this submission.”
It seems that I can only comment on them, but cannot review them.

So, please kindly help for information about the way to join the review group.
Thank you!

I’m sorry, I didn’t explain the last sentence well.

You’re correct… Without permission you can only comment on submissions. Your comments can help Editors in the review of that dataset.

You cannot approve/reject a submission unless you have Editor permission. I don’t know the selection process to be offered an Editor role in the Global Open Data Index.

Hello all,

So, as Stephen said, we are going to have the submission stage until September 20th. After that date, we will have a review process until the 11th of October.
This year, since we are looking for experts in a specific field, we have approached people who the OK staff knows or got recommended on. If you have extensive knowledge regarding one of the 15 datasets, and you want to review them, send me an email to:

The review has not started yet, so we still have time to work on that.

I notice that some 2015 submissions have already been reviewed and approved.

Would it be correct to say that submissions are being reviewed as they are contributed and the goal is to review them all by 11 October?

If this is the case, could a submission be made, reviewed, revised, reviewed multiple times between 25 Aug - 20 Sep 2015?


Dear Mor,
As Stephen mentioned,I noticed the reviewed submissions, too.
Please kindly help with confirming the methodology/arrangement of review process.
Thank you very much.


Most of the approved submissions are from the testing time of the index - we had the “Approve_first_submission” feature on, and we fixed it since them.

In the case of Tajikistan, the submissions there were done during the 2nd quarter of 2015 before we applied the new methodology.
All approved submissions will be re-submitted to the Index before September 20th and would be reviewed by a thematic reviewer.

As for @Stephen question - the answer is no, we try not to revise any of the submission during the submission period but to revise them all at once during the revision period.


@Mor, since 11 October has been and gone I am wondering what the new timetable is for the completion of the review process? It does look, as you said, “arduous”. I appreciate you need reviewers to be subject matter experts this year, but if there’s anything I can do to contribute (and I am sure there are others that would be willing to help in some way) then please let us know.

@Mor, why can’t we comment during the review period? I looked at a dataset that has been approved - the air quality in Nepal (, and went to the web page where the resource is meant to be, but that is a search page and I could not find the specific dataset there.

When I googled for the document that is mentioned in the notes, I found the relevant PDF, and the dataset was there on pages 50-54.

I think the URL should link directly to the resource, rather than to a generic page or search page.

I would make a comment against the dataset, but could not because the discussion facility isn’t available during the review period.

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@Jersey - sorry for the late reply. We are working day and night on reviewing this year’s Index. It is the first year that we have thematic reviewers, and we find the the work is interesting and help us be more consistent, but it also take a long time.

We also find a bug in the index, and we see that the reviewers comment are no displayed, so we are fixing this feature as well. This will help users to understand the reviewers logic and why they made their decisions for this dataset.

On the same note - we will open the Index for comments from users after the review phase will be finish. That would help us to reduce errors in the index. More on that next Monday! :smiley:
In any case, the disqs feature is always on, so you can still comment.