How to add metadata to data sets on the portal?

Hi all,

Japanese government is asking me about efficient way to add metadata
to enormous data sets on the government open data portal site. I
would appreciate it if you could cooperate my question.

  1. How do government officials add metadata to each data sets on the
    government data portal site like “” ?

  2. Do the government have any tools ( crawler …etc) to add metadata?
    or have any plans to develop them?

  3. Who knows this issue? What department is in charge of this?

  4. Do you have any related information or any outlook about this issue?

Thank you.

Masa Shoji
Representative Director
Open Knowledge Japan

It sounds like you have a lot of data with no metadata or you’d like to add extra metadata.

Some metadata can be derived from reading the dataset but other metadata needs to be provided by the data custodian.

There’s probably a way to do a bulk update to metadata for common items (e.g. licence, copyright, attribution) if the data has been solely produced by the government. @danfowler @pwalsh can you advise?

@Masa, can you be more specific about the metadata you want to add?

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Thank you for your kind reply. I should clarify my question.

Japanese government wants to know efficient ways for officials of various ministries in charge of registering new data sets as their daily work. They seems to feel burden to adding metadata manually.

I have heard that some countries may be using crawler which automatically adds metadata. I do not know about what kind of metadata is. Do you know about such information?