Set up of Swiss local group

This is the topic for Open Knowledge in Schweiz/Suisse/Svizzera/Svizra. Language in use here is primarily English, but please feel free to write in the language you are most comfortable with. Check out our English-language blog at, however our regularly updated blogs are in German and in French.

Hi, Oleg. Would you like a category, like we have for other groups?

@everton137 do you know if we can have subcategories in local groups? for instance, once for each major project (we have 3 in France)

@samgta, I don’t think so. But you can create subcategories on major categories for a specific project. For instance, bellow Open Spending, I’ve created a subcategory Gastos Abertos, which is the Brazilian version. I recommend to do the same or create a new category for a major project, if it doesn’t exist.

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Yes, we cannot have it. I tried now, but there is an error message without further explanations.

@everton137 thanks, that can work

Thanks for catching that @everton137. @loleg as Tom suggests, you should set this up as a new ‘category’ (this is a single ‘topic’ under the local groups category), and then make that a sub category of the local groups category. Then you’ll be able to have multiple threaded topics under your Swiss category.

I’m sorry, I probably wasn’t very clear about that when I explained it initially.

If you’re talking about creating local-groups/okch like okau and others, that’s a terrific suggestion. Please go for it, I don’t have permissions to do it myself. But I have renamed this topic correspondingly :slight_smile:


Hi everyone. This is now done. Welcome to your new Swiss category - with love from Australia.

@loleg you may like to review Local Groups pilot for tips on doing bulk invites.

@danfowler , @nealbastek - what is the standard practice when setting up a new category? I can:

  • create a category
  • add initial topic text and image
  • change topic ownership

then what happens regarding

  • setting up the “OK CountryName” badge
  • setting up someone as moderator (I think this is needed so they can edit the Category)
  • adding one or more people to the “Local Group Coordinators” group
  • directing new coordinates to topics on Bulk Invitations, Badging existing members, etc.

I’m happy to help with this if needed. Perhaps we should add all these instructions in a new topic? (started on how to request and set up a new local group).

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Thanks @Stephen! I will announce to our group today and we’ll get started.

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Hi folks, can we please have a category for Open Knowledge France please ? Thanks

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@samgta enjoy your new Open Knowledge France category. Please edit the About topic.


Thanks a lot Stephen !

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