Closing down the OKI wiki, what does it mean for you?

Hi all!

In the last month we are doing a spring cleaning for all of our tools.

We have quite a few applications and systems that are not in use, and we have been making efforts to shut them down – if they are relevant to you, you probably have been notified about it.

When it comes to the wiki, things are a bit more complicated.

  • the Wiki software is really old and does not support all of our needs
  • the use of the wiki is sporadic, most pages are very old and not up-to-date.

You can see all of the current wiki pages here:

Before we are doing any changes in the wiki, I would like to hear from you your thoughts about it and our plans for the migration.

Migration Plans

Examples (incomplete)

  • Community pages would be transferred to the forum or to the open data handbook
  • Pages would be archived.

Please let us know what you think. I am tagging here people who use the wiki, but other are welcome as well @samgta @pieter_jan_pauwels @everton137 @jwyg @jcmolloy @pzwsk @adolflow @mattias @stefankasberger


Great idea to shut wiki and unused systems down! Just please provide some kind of downloadable archive of content. :slight_smile:

I think there’s some still useful material in the Event Guides:
Will this be migrated?

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I agree we have too many tools and I think we should invest this forum and progressively migrate here.

Can we have documentation pages that will replace some of wiki features in this forum?

@samgta Discourse supports turning individual topics into wikis that anyone can edit:

e.g. DataHub FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Yes, I was thinking of migrating all of these to the Open Data Handbook and to open a community guide section there. Should be simple. What do you think?

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Discourse is just too awesome! :slight_smile: website like the Open Data Handbook are easily editable but they don’t work like wikis, admins have to approve the requests
(BTW Mor, don’t we have an open pull request to handle? :wink: )

Yes! I will merge it this weekend!

And to the point - I think that we can make more community member admin on the handbook if needed (or at least give it to ambassadors and group orginisers)

For me it’s fine to shut down the wiki. And we focus on Discourse platform for discussions.

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Yeah shutting down the wiki and migrating the resources into Open Data Handbook community guide sounds good idea. Are we going to merge all kinds of resources into the handbook section or only the selected one.

I agree with this proposition of efficiency. the forum Discourse is awesome for dialogue. The “automatic” lists subscribers transfer to reciproque forum will be very appreciated. It’s very difficult to follow redundance.


I believe that merging all kind of resources can be good.

Anyone want to help me think of what the needs are? We can have a Network call about it!

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We need an action plan with a timeline :wink:


Hi Mor

@stefankasberger and I can migrate things off the open science part of the
wiki. There’s a reasonable quantity of content but not overwhelming amounts.
If the plan is to migrate static content to the forum, are there examples
of where this has worked well? It’s feature-rich so I can see that given
the editing patterns of the wiki, if people were given sufficient rights
over shared posts it could work well but I haven’t seen others using it.

For open science, we could also migrate everything back to WordPress…


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Hi @jcmolloy!
For your question - here is a bit about a wiki post -

If there is any static data, I would recommend to move it to the WordPress rather than the forum.
Let me or @danfowler know if you have more questions!

Thanks Mor! That makes sense, we can discuss what to do and how much of the
info is up to date/worth transferring.


I think resources available in the presentation section and Local Group starting tutorial of the wiki are also important. A year ago, we planned to make wiki a home of Involvement Showcase. Where newly involved people can inspire themselves by looking others involvement and works. But everything went in vain because of the lack of time.