Updating the OKI website! Please help us to keep it up-to-date

Hi all!

Finally, we are updating our website!
@steven_decosta and @PJPauwels I put a note to update the Australian and Belgian part, so do not worry!

Are there any other groups that want to update their details? Please let me know in the next couple of weeks!


regarding austria:
you can change chapter lead to me.
if more than one twitter account is possible/practice, we also have one for open science. http://twitter.com/scienceokfnat
and please add the international open science group to the interests.

would be also nice, to change the more information section to something more specific about the stuff we do, like our projects and our focus on open science and data literacy and trainings. will wirte something up in the next days.

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I admit that our chapter webpage is rather neglected. It would be nice to be able to summarise different Working Groups activities in one place. We blog quite regularly on our *.opendata.ch sites, and I would be open to suggestions of how to bring our network presence up to speed.


I think it would be best to keep the network page as some kind of a registry for official groups, so making sure all the information there is up-to-date is crucial for this.

Also, if you think we should bring to the front of the design the groups/chapters interests, let me know. Looking at the design is also on the table.

Tagging other groups and chapters members - @Kristina3809 @bratsas @fenggaosh @francescadechiara @oluseun

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Hi Mor,

We from Open Knowledge Nepal would also like to update our page by adding our members / working group team lead info. Please let me know, what are the things I need to follow to add an updates.


Send me an email with a short bio (up to 75 words) and the information to my mail! :slight_smile:

Sure Mor, I will be mailing you shortly and Is it okay to update the info of the whole team in the page.

I will send you an update PM in a minute. Thanks Mor

Hi Mor,

I will send you an update of our members and their profiles soon.

With thanks,

Hi Mor - still need this from us?


I am also outreaching individually, but send it over!

a question: is it possible to have a short section about what open knowledge austria does, and just a short mentioning of the chapter lead with contact oppurtunities? and when there should be a person with picture, i would only state one to have one single access point.

@stefankasberger - sure! You can have all of that!

I just saw the updated website, it looks clearer and it’s much more engaging. Nice work, congrats!


Thank you @samgta!

In case any of you missed it, here is our blog post about our new website: OKI website upgrade – what we have done and the road ahead – Open Knowledge Foundation blog

Feedback is always welcome, and thank you for @sam, @k-nut and @pwalsh for their amazing work!


That’s really good to hear @samgta. Thanks of the feedback :slight_smile:

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Entre deux périodes de mes vacances personnelles, je constate que le site web du groupe local du Canada ne répond plus ou est en difficulté ou que la redirection (nginx) ne fonctionne plus! http://ca.okfn.org/

J’obtiens une page d’erreur 404!

Est-ce une méprise de ma part? Je n’ai pas remarqué de messages (courriel, listserv ou forum discuss) à savoir que les sysadmin étaient rendus à réviser le site web du groupe local

Pourriez-vous m’éclairer?

CC : @Mor @sam

Hi Diane!

This is a technical problem. I reported it to our tech team and will update
you on it tomorrow.

Hi Diane!

We are upgrading the Canadian site, so will let you know when it’s back up