New Head of Network and Partnerships at OKI

Hi everyone!

I’d like to announce that I have taken up the role of Head of Network and Partnerships at Open Knowledge International. Having taken over from the wonderful Mor Rubinstein, from now on I will be overseeing our work in supporting and collaborating with you all, the inspiring open knowledge Network. I’d like to thank @Mor for all the great work she’s done over the years - it’s been very amazing to work with you!

Having worked at Open Knowledge International since late 2012, I have been involved in various project work in areas ranging from OpenGLAM to Open Education and School of Data. Before joining OKI I worked as an adviser on Open Source software projects, and before that I have years of experience working as a software developer. My passion is to make the most of the opportunities for technology in society, and I am convinced that open is the best way of doing that. I’m based out of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and if you are ever in the area please reach out to go for a coffee, tea or any other drink of choice.

What I’m hoping to achieve in this role is twofold: Firstly, I aim to contribute to a better-connected, growing open knowledge network that gets more done in the world by learning from each other, sharing with each other and building on the work of others. Besides supporting the existing network, I hope to bring new organisations and groups to the open knowledge network, who are not yet familiar with open data or open knowledge.

Secondly, I hope to align our internal work at Open Knowledge International better with the initiatives that are taking place in the network. By communicating more about what we do at OKI, as well as understanding better what others are doing, I strongly believe that we all can be more effective.

You will hear more from me over the coming weeks and months, but don’t hesitate to reach out with your thoughts and ideas for the network. I’d love to hear from you.

Finally, I look forward to working with you all!

All the best,