Working with community data on GitHub: New Project DataTig


In the spirit of “If your not ashamed of your first release you released to late” who wants to see my new project? :slight_smile:

Do you store community data in a GitHub repository - maybe CSV, YML or MarkDown files? We’ll take that and automatically build a nice website for you!

For example … data is in a spreadsheet at .

It can now also be browsed at

This reveals several things:

Hope that’s useful for people!

I’m now looking for other GitHub repositories with community data to test it on to make sure the results are as useful as they can be - let me know if you have anything like that.


(This builds on my previous work with community data sets - things like - so this is a topic I’m keen to discuss with people!)

I did a data portals site for you :-)
Anyone have links to data in GitHub repositories?

This reminds me that @rufuspollock suggested that it would be good to merge into the dataportals list and then filter out the Scotland-specific sites to get something like Is this a good idea? Does anyone fancy giving a hand in setting it up?


@ewan_klein it would be great to merge the scottish list into the data portals list.

Could you open an issue here

Would you or colleagues be up for helping with the merge if someone was helping from data portals end?


@jarofgreen great to hear about this project and there are lot of connections with the new DataHub work: (which I’m heavily involved in …).

In particular, we already provide showcases of data and have plans to provide APIs in future as part of DataHub.

There’s a chat channel for DataHub if you are interested here where we could talk more:


@rufuspollock I did see DataHub in my research. The reason I carried on anyway is that I saw them as serving different things - Open Data and “Community Data” being subtlety different in how they are created, edited and to what purpose they are put. I will hang out in the gitter channel when I have time - it would be great to chat!


I’m heavily over-committed at the moment, so would need to identify a volunteer or find money at this end. That said, it would be great to have some involved in the data portals side in support.

If I was to go to someone in Scottish Government, say, to ask for help, how would I sell the added value of this integration? I can see a benefit if it made it easier for other people to contribute data via the data portals route about Scotland-relevant open data. Is this realistic?


@ewan_klein @rufuspollock I have been assisting with the Data Portals project. I also find myself over-committed at the moment, but have every intention to make time to get caught up with existing issues this week.

I know it’s been frustrating for those who have already made submissions.