Images and details for Open Data Day 2020 comms planning

I have created a quick Google doc which contains all comms details about the websites, hashtags, images and technical support information relating to Open Data Day on Saturday 7th March 2020:

I hope this will be of use as teams plan their communications for next week’s event.

Here is the folder of images from the Open Data Day website and also including the new Open Knowledge Foundation logo in case anyone needs it:

If you have any questions, you can reach out to the Open Knowledge Foundation team by emailing or on Twitter via @OKFN.

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@stephenabbottpugh The OKFN logo on Wikimedia Commons, which I guess was uploaded by you, is currently subject to a deletion request:

I added my opinion as an occasional Wikipedia editor. HTH R.

Hi @robbiemorrison.

Thank you for flagging this with me. My intention was definitely not self promotion. I merely wanted to make sure that I had uploaded our new logo to Wikimedia Commons for anyone to use/reuse.

I’ll hope that the issue is resolved without the images being deleted.

As I indicated in my Wikimedia comment, the issue is whether this upload is appropriate, not unsubstantiated speculation on the motives of the uploader or organization represented. If OKFN warrants a Wikipedia article — which it clearly does — then its logo should be available for illustrating that material. The image is also licensed CC‑BY‑4.0, so no issues with trademark or copyright claims either. DM me if you need assistance.

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