Integrating with a website


I have added a link to my datapackages on my website, so that users can see and access it. I would like to add an alternate tag ( link rel=‘alternate’ ) to point to my datapackage. To do this I need to specify the mimetype, and I already have a JSON rendering of the page.

Is there a specific mimetype for data packages that I can use instead?


Oooh. Great question :slight_smile:

At the moment we don’t have a specific mimetype but I guess we could define one and seek to register it.

Suggestions welcome for the mimetype.


Perhaps application/x-datapackage for now, application/datapackage once registered?

I think it’s definitely worth doing because it adds more info than if it were just application/json.


OK I have opened an issue:


I’d suggest, if it is technically possible to create some kind of plugin that could incorporate data packages in a wordpress site.
As long as wordpdress is the most popular CMS in the world it would provide and extraordinary dissemination for the initiative.

Additionally I have some studies about the impact of ‘friction’ in the use of data due to my phD, and I will be happy to collaborate on the issue. In fact my thesis is about the impact of open data use. therfore I am quite concern about the issue.


OK Spain


@alberto_abella this is a great suggestion - can I suggest you post it as a new separate topic here in the Data Packages category as it belongs in its own thread :smile: