International Open Data Day 2017, the Hong Kong edition


Just to share what we are up to in Hong Kong for ODD, we have a hackathon organised at City University of Hong Kong, Kowloon Tong. Saturday 4th March, 10am-6pm. Includes a roundtable with three legislators from LegCo at 4-5pm.

Facebook Event:
Open Data Day Official website:

We can fit up to 60 participants.

Tentative Schedule
10:00 Reception and Networking
10:15 Introduction and Team Forming
11:00 Start of team works / discussions
16:00 Open Data Roundtable with Guests
17:00 Team Presentation
18:00 Closing

Guests at Rountable (4-5pm) - Discussion of Open Data (Venue: Classroom P4704):

  • Hon. Charles Mok 莫乃光 立法會議員 (資訊科技界)
  • Hon. 姚松炎 Edward Yiu 立法會議員 (建築、測量、都市規劃及園境界)
  • Hon. Chung-Tai Cheng 鄭松泰 立法會議員 (新界西選區)
  • Dr. Ray Cheung, Cityu Apps Lab.
    (Modarator: Dr. Haggen So, Hong Kong Creative Open Technology Association)

Please register at Eventbrite and visit Hackpad to add your open data hack ideas.

Venue Sponsor: CityU App Lab

Open Data Day 2017 HK Organising Committee is formed from the following communities and supporters.

  • Initium Media
  • Open Data Hong Kong
  • Open Source Hong Kong