Introduction Hangout for Core Data Curation April 2015

This is a hangout to introduce the Core Data Curator project and especially to give a briefing for Curators and Managing Curators.

Pre Event


  • Introduction to the project
  • Introduction to being a Curator
  • Introduction to being a Managing Curator
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@rufuspollock According to my calculation, the call occurs at 11am Pacific; I can make that call.Will need the hangout location.

@jackpark great!

@dogweather ping :slight_smile: - can you make that time?

@rufuspollock, this will be 0030hrs India Standard Time 19 April 2015. A bit late into the night, but I will be able to join.

@hypothal that’s amazing!

Email :
user name : Sadeek

Not sure what my g+ name is, but its a jackpark gmail account

Username: yannael

Email :
user name : genova

I share with you our adaptation of

My G+ email is Thanks.

Hi All, the direct link to the hangout is: and is now pasted at top of thread.

@jackpark @dogweather are you able to join?