Labs Hangout May 2016



Labs Hangouts happen on the third Thursday of every month, which means the next hangout will be…


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The hangout is an opportunity for folks to learn more about open source tech work done at Open Knowledge International as well as to present and discuss projects and ideas from the community. We will also discuss any general Labs administrative issues such as improvements to website, upcoming events etc.

Anyone can come along and contribute. If you’d like to present something please edit this topic and add it to the agenda.

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Data packages with R
Labs Hangout April 2016
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Hi, I’ll try to make it. I could some time present the D-CENT Open Data part, too.


I have sent an invitation to the Austrian open Knowledge community, so maybe some folks from here willl join next hangout. Will try to be in myself.


I plan to be there :smile:


I’ll try to join & look forward to hearing just how incredibly awesome csv,conf was :no_mouth:

I’ll also share some news about the upcoming Conference in ~one month, and OpenGLAM Hackathon in Basel two weeks after that.


I should be there too. See you tomorrow !


Not yet sure if I will be around tomorrow but I will participate if I am.


Will try to be there, at least in lurking/hearing mode!


We are launching to public alpha on monday. It would be cool to have also data sources from other countries in different languages. It consumes for example ActivityStreams and RSS.


Links updated. See you soon :video_camera:! @labs @local_labs_coords