Organizing a Data Packages in Science and Research hangout

We’d like to start organizing a regular (monthly) Data Packages in Science and Research hangout. As it is pretty close to the end of the year already, it might be practical to aim for an inaugural chat sometime in mid-January, say, the second Tuesday of the month. At a time convenient across at least a few timezones:

e.g. 10am (San Francisco) - 1pm (Eastern Standard Time) - 6pm (London) - 7pm (Central European Time)

@mfenner would you like to co-chair?

cc: @rufuspollock @Starl3n @jcmolloy

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Any way this could be, even if irregularly, in a Hong Kong/APAC friendly timezone? Publishing research data packages (combinations of data, code snapshots, workflows, VMs, containers, etc.) is exactly what we are doing at GigaScience, and so I’d love to be able to participate in these discussions.

@ScottBGI That’s a great idea. Do you have a sense of who we could invite to that call?

I am interested to attend as spectator, but am not sure I will be able to attend. Anyways, flagging myself here so I get the updates.

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I can make it on the 2nd Tuesday at 1 eastern.

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I know I and the GigaScience tech team would. Sure you’d also get some others appreciative from Australia and NZ (e.g. the #RezBaz people).

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I can also make January 12 @1pm Eastern US.

For my own prep, I’ll have a look at what’s on, but if there are other pointers you recommend let us know.

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That is indeed a great place to start. See also Data Packages - Data Protocols - Open Knowledge Foundation for the actual specification.

I’ll try to attend. I’m in PST

That will be 5am on the 13th for me - happy to receive and invite but I’m travelling that day and might not be able to make it.

Hi all. Thanks to everyone who has commented. I would like to reschedule this hangout to 19 January as I will no longer be available to chair next week. I will boot a new forum topic tagging those who have expressed interest so far.

@danfowler I am happy to participate in the upcoming calls if my schedule permits it.