Issue with clause 3.1 of Database Contents License (DbCL) v 1.0


Hi everyone,

We received a comment that the DbCL 1.0 might include a typo. In clause 3.1 it says

"The Contents are licensed by the Licensor “as is” and without any
warranty of any kind, either express or implied, whether of title, of
accuracy, of the presence of absence of errors, of fitness for purpose,
or otherwise."

It seems like the text intends to say “of the presence or absence of errors”? Not sure who could advise and change the text, is this something for @herb, @mlinksva or @rufuspollock?



Hey Danny, we can just get in the site and fix that easily. If you ping me I can even show you how to do that.


Hi Rufus, that would be very helpful, I’ll DM you.