Labs Hangout March 2016

Hey all, Labs Hangouts are now happening on the third Thursday of each month, which means the next hangout will be…


In the Etherpad


The hangout is an opportunity for folks to present projects and ideas and also to discuss any general Labs items such as improvements to website, events etc.

It’s super informal and anyone can come along and contribute. If you’d like specifically to present something please jump into the Labs Hangouts Etherpad and add it to the agenda


@akariv @rufuspollock @loleg @dianemercier @rlafuente @davbre @pdehaye @mattfullerton @juliakloiber



I plan to be there! Would love to see updates from:

  • @akariv about OpenSpending developments
  • @pwalsh or colleagues re scraping work on OpenTrials (and tech developments generally) (if we have too much this could be next month)
  • @loleg on FinTech event
  • Update on Labs sprints from @danfowler (and plans for next one)
  • Update from juan benet on IPFS

I won’t be able to attend, but aside from that, the following month would be a better fit for OepnTrials.

Hope to see everyone soon!

I tried to join, but Hangouts says I’m the first person to join. After a while waiting for people to join, I get a network error. Maybe it’s my network.