Looking for a CKAN fact sheet to include in an institutional proposal


I am pushing for an implementation of CKAN at the research institution I work for. As part of a proposal document, I’d like to include a 1-page set of facts about CKAN that will leave no doubt of it’s stature as the leading open data portal, and all relevant accopmlishments. The closest web page I have found is this one:

Is there any other web page or document somewhere that would contain this?
I’m going to start working on it, but I thought I’d check if it already exists somewhere.

Here are examples of info I’d like to include on the 1-pager.

  • Founding year:
  • Number of active deployments:
  • Open source: # commits, # of contributors, # resolved GH issues.
  • Number of extensions/plugins
  • Top stats about the CKAN association
  • List of major countries deploying ckan
  • What is the largest CKAN instance?
  • List of major institutional partner or deployments
  • Average time to develop and deploy:
  • Notable integrations with other tools
  • Platform supports/incorporates the following protocols, standards, technologies, e.g. REST API

Suggestions for other things to include in this fact sheet?



  • Founding year: 2006
  • Number of active deployments: hundreds (possibly thousands) - tough to know exactly as open source
  • Open source: see http://github.com/ckan/ckan (and please add back here)
  • Extensions: http://extensions.ckan.org/ - may be more
  • CKAN extension: have to check on site
  • Major countries: UK, US, Australia, Germany, Japan and more …
  • Major institutional partners: UK gov, US gov, Australian government and other major institutions have used deployed
  • Average time to deploy: on a SaaS deployment via e.g. https://viderum.com it will be minutes. For yourself i imagine pretty quick with docker etc (1h)
  • Notable integrations: people have integrated with things like wordpress, drupal and also supported from tools
  • Platform support: hmmm - have to think but may be covered in repo info