Topic for questions about CKAN


Hello everyone.

This was not created before and I am considering creating a CKAN website for Open Economics, if other things go along. Nevertheless, the documentation is insufficient to answer my problems, hence I am creating this topic.
Perhaps other users will feel discouraged to use this, and instead of reaching you guys directly (via the contact form on CKAN’s website), I believe some questions are common to other users, so it makes sense to make this part public.

Up to my question(s):

  • CKAN is a dedicated website generator like Wordpress, right? If so, it also means I (or anyone else) need a dedicated server and domain for this, correct?

  • Is it possible to use CKAN and create a website from GitHub?

  • Do we have any free alternatives to use CKAN, rather then installing the software on a machine and then get a domain and somewhere to host it?

I believe this is it for now. I’m sure I will add more questions in the future, if I go for CKAN.

Thank you for your time!



CKAN isn’t a content management system for typical website use cases. It has limited features in that regard. It is primarily a data catalogue with features that extend around that. So, data discovery, visulisation and access.

Yes, it installs on a server or set of servers if you need to get it going. There are a few vendors that have options for a hosted service so have a hunt around for them.

For a free service take a look at and request an account :smile:


Hello! Thanks for replying!

Yes, I’m aware of what CKAN is, although I’m not sure how it is structured. But your next paragraph answered my question.
For the same reason, I really appreciate your link to, definitely something worth looking into! Really appreciated!