Really, no UK? Anyone?


I was just browsing this category looking for some kind of UK/England/London local thread that I could connect with and say hi to fellow UK open data fans… and nothing! I was pretty taken aback! Come on, UK folk, where are you all? Is there anyone else in the UK here who’d like to connect and chat about open data?

Well, I’ll start by introducing myself: I’m Bex, I’m from Essex, England but currently live in London, and I got into open data by volunteering at OpenCorporates #FlashHacks gatherings, which are focused on liberating, transcribing and mapping corporate data. I loved collaborating to find data and the feeling of working together to make the world a more open place, so I kept coming :slight_smile: It’s been ten months now and I haven’t got bored! Most recently we’ve been working on a project to transcribe and map Donald Trump’s entire corporate network… Watch this space ;3

How about everyone else? Who are you, where are you at, and what got you interested in open data?


Hi Bex,

When I started the OK Scotland Local Group a while back, there was some discussion about whether it should be UK-wide, but I was reluctant to take this on (partly because open data is a so-called Devolved Matter in Scotland). So we were hoping that an England Local Group would kick off, and as you probably know there is an England Open Knowledge mailing list.

Christian Villum tried to get an England group going in spring/summer 2014, on the basis of four new UK ambassadors. The initiative stalled unfortunately, but it might be worth contacting Christian to get his thoughts on whether there were any conversations that should be picked up again.


Hi Bex!

I’m based in Cambridge and am mostly involved with Open Knowledge to explore open data in science (and other aspects of open science). Ewan mentioned the okfn-en list and it might be worth showing some enthusiasm on there for people to come and join the forum. It’s mostly been used as an announce list so I’m not sure who is on it…

Anyway, just to say that you are not alone :smile:



@Bex I somehow missed this when you posted in October - great to hear of your interest and would love to connect.

Note we now have a proper Open Knowledge England group space here:

I and several other Open Knowledge England folks like @EdSaperia are based in London so we could meet up - e.g. at


Hi! I’m in London too, nice to meet you!

I got into open through Wikipedia. I think it’s the future of journalism! I ran Wikipedia’s global conference in London in 2014, and now I run Newspeak House, which is a new community space in East London focusing on technology in politics, government and political media. Check it out: