National Laws / Belgium - B7 discrepancy

This is a discussion about the submission for National Laws / Belgium.

The answer for B7 states that the data is in openly licensed and in the public domain, yet the url is not given. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Hi, the link given is the Jurisdat-link. Just click through to “Législation belge” Loi - Wet for the databank.

And the juridat link that I’ve submitted in “where did you find the data” :slight_smile:

Sorry, misread the question

Dutch and French texts of the law:

Art. XI.172 § 2 states “Er bestaat geen auteursrecht op officiële akten van de overheid.”
which translates to “there is no copyright on official acts of the public authorities”

See also discussion in Entry for Government Budget / Belgium - #11 by barthanssens

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Hi @barthanssens, @Lucia,

Thanks so much for pointing this out. I corrected the entry accordingly and took an internal note for our records. Thanks for being so vigilant.

All the best