Entry for National Laws / Bulgaria

This is a discussion about the submission for National Laws / Bulgaria.

This submittion is mixed up with draft legislation. Here are the correct entries:
B2.2 - Parliament.bg | legislation
B2.3 - should be 3 - There’s also a link on the parliament website
B3 - C should be marked as well. The amendments are available in the law documents.
B7 - YES, all legislation is public domain
B7.1 - Parliament.bg
B8 - right answers are CSV, XML, HTML

I’d like to point out that even though there is no explicit license specified, Article 4 of the The Copyright and related rights act (Lex.bg - Закони, правилници, конституция, кодекси, държавен вестник, правилници по прилагане) excludes normative acts from the copyright domain and thus makes them public domain.

So no explicit licensing is needed from legal point of view.

Would this be considered?

Let me verify this @yurukov, we’ll get back with an answer ASAP

Hi @yurukov - thanks for that!

I haver to admit that it was hard to me to find the XML version until I realised it was a button with the symbol of a code

I didnt find the CSV though, were can I find it?


Also, seems the XML seems to have all the fields we require, and it was confirmed by @yurukov and @Bozho it is public domain, I will make those change.

Laws and transcripts are not in CSV formats. Only lists of information like bill proceedings, data on MPs, etc.
Example bill:

Example MP:

Unfortunately, the links don’t seem to work in English translation. Chrome → Translate page helps though.