National Laws in Great Britain: availability for Bulk Download


It’s disappointing to see that Great Britain has lost it’s 100% status, on the basis that our legislation should be available to download all at once. In fact, bulk downloads of UK legislation are available, so I’d like to use this forum to let people know how to make use of this feature.
At we are very proud of our commitment to Open Data, and we have been aware that there is significant interest in being able to carry out bulk downloads of all the content held on our website. Therefore we have developed a publicly accessible alpha site that provides bulk downloads at (all feedback welcome!). Data on this site is regularly updated, however we are still completing testing so there may be a few bugs, which we hope to resolve soon. Bulk downloads are available in XML, XHTML, Akoma Ntoso, HTML5, as well as PDF and plaintext. The site also provides bulk downloads for the legislative amendments accessible on the Changes to Legislation website pages. Our aim is to make all of this data available via our Legislation Research website, which we aim to launch later this year, providing legislation data, tools and information for people interested in analysing legislation data. All data contained in the downloads can be reused under the terms of the Open Government Licence v3.0