Revised Entry for National Laws / Ukraine

Please revise information given for Entry for National Laws / Ukraine. Apparently, parliament’s open data portal is not the only source of data on national laws. There’s also Ministry of Justice registry data which contains full texts: (,
alternative location:

Thus “available in bulk” should be changed to “Yes”.

@vanuan I’ll look into this. As a rule of thump, we need to refer our assessment to one reference dataset. We try to pick the dataset that is most representative for our data category, and allows to score highest.

In this case I need to check first, and will get back asap

Hi @vanuan,

I checked it again, the data complies and meets the requirements as you say. Quick question: the data is in XML. Do you know if the texts of the laws are in structured or unstructured format?

Not sure what you mean. Probably unstructured. It’s just html with some headings and anchors.