theme refresh and update

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to update the theme of to bring it inline with the current OKF branding.

At the same time we will review the content as there are some dead links and other small bits that could do with looking at. Once the changes are planned i will share a PR and details here, and invite input, before merging.


Thanks, looks great and making the link checking tests more relevant is very welcome!

I went ahead and merged your and

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Under this banner I’ve submitted a number of PRs to the opendefinition repo to update the visual identity of the site and remove/refresh some stale content:

In addition to the updates I’ve made, there are some more involved tasks that could usefully be undertaken bring the site content up to date:

  1. Contains some broken links/outdated biographical info, but this is a symptom of a bigger issue. We need to work out who from the advisory council is still actively involved in the project, or wants to be. Following on from that, and should be reviewed to reflect the project’s current governance and then moved to a top-level menu item. For the moment, I’ve left the links a bit buried.
  2. There’s load of content linked at the bottom of This stuff is a real mixed bag. Some of it could possibly be tidied up and moved to a top-level menu item. Some of it represents a stub of an idea that never went anywhere. This could all usefully be reviewed.

These are probably tasks for @stephenabbottpugh to follow-up in September.


Thanks Chris,

Great points.

Who do I speak to about updating my info/bio? I have wanted to do that for some time.



You can propose an edit to your bio yourself at or feel free to provide new copy here.

I completely agree on need to work out who is still actively involved or wants to be.

Hey Baden, You are welcome to submit a PR yourself, or just send me the updated text to, and i’ll get it sorted out for you.

Thanks Jo, I will try to get to it this week.



@Jobarratt @chris48s @mlinksva nice work everyone! It looks great!