New Frictionless Data Case Study Published: Dataship

We’re curious to learn about some of the common issues users face when working with data. In our Case Study series, we are highlighting projects and organisations who are working with the Frictionless Data specifications and tooling in interesting and innovative ways.

We recently spoke to @Waylon_Flinn about his project, Dataship.

What is Dataship?

Dataship is a way to share data and analysis, from simple charts to complex machine learning, with anyone in the world easily and for free. It allows you to create notebooks that hold and deliver your data, as well as text, images and inline scripts for doing analysis and visualization. The people you share it with can read, execute and even edit a copy of your notebook and publish the remixed version as a fork.

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This is really cool, Kudos @danfowler and Frictionless Data team.


To learn more about Dataship, join the hangout on 18 August! @labs @local_labs_coords

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