We updated the network "How to join" section - what do you think about it?




Little by little, we are updating the OKI website. This time, the “How to join the Open Knowledge Network” section. Let us know if you have any feedback on it!


Great to get the upgrade.

My quick 2c are providing some simple options at the top that handle 80% of the cases. At the moment there is a lot of text. A small diagram or a few big buttons at the top describing the user / use case would go a long way e.g. “I want to” …

  • join an existing local group
  • get help for my project
  • I have no idea! I just want to get involved in the awesome stuff you are doing … :wink:

This is just some thoughts off the top of my head to stimulate discussion - not specific definite suggestions.


Is the page online on github? It seems to need a little proofreading.

Overall very nice though. :slight_smile:

A question on content: is it supposed to be only about “network”, as in, affiliations to organizations?

It seems kind of strange that one can easily join others on a project somewhere (e.g. on github), but those aren’t “local” parts of the “network” so I guess this page isn’t supposed to talk about them. Or is it? Maybe it’s what Rufus means.

One could understand that the list here, on this page, are the only ways to “join” (whatever join means). That doesn’t seem quite accurate.