New Member Introductions

Hi guys! I am from Rwanda and my name is Jenavo, nice to meet you

Hello! My name is Stefaniia Ivashchenko. I am a co-founder of Open Science TV, a first independent scientific media platform which promotes principles of Openness in science and society. I am also a steering committee member of Open Science MOOC, founder of ToxicScience (anonymous survey on toxic academic environment) and affiliated by IGDORE community.
Happy to be here!

hi. I am jennifer brown. I am a health blogger. In these times of pandemic, our health is one of the most important factors for a better living and functioning. We are all so busy in our hectic life that it makes it very difficult for us to able to concentrate well in our wellbeing. My motto is to promote better health and wellness in people. Make them aware of the common health issues and also help them find the right solution to the problem.