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Hello! My name is Stefaniia Ivashchenko. I am a co-founder of Open Science TV, a first independent scientific media platform which promotes principles of Openness in science and society. I am also a steering committee member of Open Science MOOC, founder of ToxicScience (anonymous survey on toxic academic environment) and affiliated by IGDORE community.
Happy to be here!


hi. I am jennifer brown. I am a health blogger. In these times of pandemic, our health is one of the most important factors for a better living and functioning. We are all so busy in our hectic life that it makes it very difficult for us to able to concentrate well in our wellbeing. My motto is to promote better health and wellness in people. Make them aware of the common health issues and also help them find the right solution to the problem.

Hi everyone.
Thanks for thinking so big. I’m really glad to see some people dream about a better future.
My name is Andres, and I am from Costa Rica. I started working for a major good just before lost everything from a depression. I have been working on a one-man personal project since then and I really like to open a branch of open knowledge here in my country (Actually I don’t understand why we don’t have one, besides Costa Rica promoted open knowledge for all the COVID new information)

I love to learn and I am a Generalist, that’s the reason that my persona name on networks is rvgeneralist (from research vessel generalist)
My work is related to quantum mechanics and human collective knowledge. I love to experiment with new concepts and prototyping and share that knowledge with everyone.
You can see some of my work by searching for rvgeneralist in Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Patreon, and Kofi, at this time.
Try to take a look on Youtube channel I worked on a collaboration to make a living paint using electronics and oil painting (everything that make posible a replication of the idea will be uploaded, im working on that)

I hope we could be able to collaborate together on your projects or even on mine. Thanks for the space here and your time.


Hi Jennifer Brown, I’m really concerned about wellness in this new era post-pandemic, do you think there is a way to work with you. My interest in open knowledge started from the lowest point in my life in a major depressive episode from a chronic depressive condition. Let me know if there is a way to work together

Hi Stefaniia, welcome to the open knowledge community!

Open Science TV looks interesting. We certainly need more dissemination of science, especially on this era when so many people embrace, believe and share misinformation around the world.

Since you promote open science, you might want to invite Patricia Henning and/or Luiz Bonino to talk about the FAIR principles of data management in research data. You can find out a little bit about it in my blog post about ODD Rio 2020.

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Thank you @herrmann! Will keep them in mind!

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hi I am Raji Koshy 55 male from Bangalore india, I am into Ultraviolet and Infrared systems, been working on this for the past 25 years. Have traveled world wide, and do have wide and open mind to discuss various topics of human life and world peace. Looking forward to a nice and fruitful discussion. God bless.

Hi @rvgeneralist, would you still be interested in opening a branch of OKF in your country? We are relaunching the Network and we would love to have an active group in Costa Rica!

Hi @rajikoshy, welcome to the Open Knowledge Network and communities! Are you interested in any special areas of open knowledge? Have a great day!

Hi everbody! I am from México, my name is Mariaangelica, I am interested to be more happy and share my learnings to the ones who are/will teach others. I do it in several ways, recently join www laboratorioeducativoabierto com and looking to spread :dizzy: the OER (open education resources)/REA (recursos educativos abiertos) in LATAM. Let´s connect! :innocent:

Hi Mariaangelica, welcome to the community! I just sent you an email.