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Sorry If I flag something accidentally. What I tried to do was to “heart” your comment on mail integration to show support to the inquiry. It doesn’t work this way? or where I did wrong?


It’s cool. Hearting just says that, “I think this reply or thank you for post it”. You did it right as enough “hearts” could get them to give us the status of the project.


You are welcome, Offray. Good to have some hermano here. Cheers from Brazil.

FrågaStaten (AskTheState) - FOI Project in Sweden

Hello everyone!

I’m Mattias and I’m interested in everything open and making change. This year I am doing my graduate project at Kaospilot - a school educating creative leaders and social entrepreneurs (if you have suggestions, advice or offers for projects I am open to that! :wink: ). I’m active in Open Knowledge Sweden, a local group engaging to support organisations and individuals in Swedish society to get more aware of open knowledge and open data to create positive social change.

One of our projects is a Swedish FOI platform using Alaveteli. We aim to drive some of our growing community to this communications platform, specifically those who are not comfortable with mailing lists.



I’m Vyki Englert, Brigade Captain for the Code for America Brigade in Los Angeles, CA USA, Hack for LA. By day I’m a consultant / web developer at Compiler LA. I’ve worked in and around open data projects for the last few years. Previously I’ve worked for the City of Santa Monica researching open data initiatives as they launched their program - to processing voter files from states and counties across the USA for NationBuilder’s voter file.

I’m interested in working on and discussing the metrics for evaluating datasets, in particular around data standards, APIs post/get, and real-time datasets.


@vykster welcome! And your interests look great!

Also welcome to @mattias!


Bonjour, guten Tag, hello everybody! I’m a co-founder of, Swiss Chapter of Open Knowledge and serve on OK’s advisory board. I’m switching between managing startups, public policy and just doing fun stuff like our high-impact hackdays. Next one: shining some light into our dear direct democracy — Sept 4/5, at Neue Zürcher Zeitung and Le Temps. I should do such updates more often.


I am Masa Shoji from Japan. I am the leader and one of the founders of Open Knowledge Japan Initiative since 2012. I am also a researcher of public policy and e-government.

We have very active local communities for Open Data utilization in local city level in Japan. We are also going to have more active relationships with open-data-related people especially in Asian countries.

Thank you.

Open Knowledge Japan


@Masa Welcome! It’s always glad to see more Asians here. I am looking forward to sharing ideas and activities with you and Open Knowledge Japan. I’ve heard lots of good things about Open Knowledge Japan. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, I am Spandan Pradhan from Nepal, keen interests on document freedom and open science, still learning and member of Open Knowledfe Foundation Network Nepal (OKFN - Nepal).


Hi, my name is Markus, I am involved in open science projects at OKF Germany. I also support a crowdsourcing for project with data coordination and things online. At many volunteers create an open phrasebook for refugees and people who just arrived.

If any chapter wants to join this effort, improve the data and help with printing and distributing these books for the nearest refugee camp(quite urgent), please let us know at .


Welcome, @markus! Good project! I shared at the local coordinators mailing list. Maybr you’ll also like this initiative from OKSE, Open Knowledge - Open Borders.

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Hi all,

I am Nouman Nazim from Islamabad, Pakistan. I am affiliated with Open Knowledge as Ambassador / Group Lead at Open Knowledge Pakistan. I believe Open Data lets us achieve what we could normally never be able to and it has the potential to positively change millions of lives. Here is the link to my LinkedIn profile for further details.

Nouman Nazim


Hi, all! I’m Hoony, Jang an organizer of Code for Seoul in South Korea.

I’ve uploaded some spending data on and developed in last year and using korean local govs debt data. (I was participated in ok festival 2014!) I’m mainly doing web programming, but love data so that studying hard data science now.

I heard about this project from @jgkim . there are lots of open data in Korea but not much related to transparency I think. So I’d like to contribute to core data project to make this environment which is hard to civic hacking better.


Hi everyone - I’m catching with an introduction :smile:

I’m in Canberra, Australia and involved in lots of neat stuff. I’m on the Board of OK Australia, in the Steering Group for the CKAN Association, have spent a lot of time on GovHack and own a company that pays the wages, Link Digital.



My name is Thomas and I am working with in the north of Sweden. I am not as good in the tech department as I would wish, simply some kind of project leader/facilitator. Have worked with open data a couple of years now. Working with small resources as most of you I guess.

We have a portal, (the data is on ), and are currently working with linked open data. We and are about to release some code that automatically generates a HTML-version of our DCAT AP-file, It would be great to be able to generate a HTML-version that gets automatically published as a page in CKAN. Not sure we have the resources to do that though.



I am Dave Stafford, I am interested in all aspects of Information Management, Data Management, and lately, I have become very involved in Enterprise Architecture.

I have nearly 20 years experience working directly with a lot of large, real datasets, so I am very familiar with the challenges that data cleansing, maintenance and creation present. If you have data issues of any kind - please, let’s discuss them - perhaps I can help.

I am very interested in Open Data and the idea of creating reliable, high quality data that we can all share, re-use and benefit from.

I work for a local authority, in the ICT department, where I currently am involved in the full build of our Enterprise Architecture. EA is a fascinating discipline and I would love to talk to anyone about any aspect of it - I am training now for a few different EA-related qualifications, and I have a lot to learn - but, I am actively building our Architecture as we speak.

It’s nice to be here, I look forward to the discourse, and if I can help in any way - please let me know.

All the very best

Dave Stafford
Data & Technical Standards Officer
Stirling Council


My Name is Farhad and I’m information specialist. I have experiences in developing search protocols and search methods for systematic reviews and since mid-2013 I’m working in Cochrane Schizophrenia Group based in Nottingham, UK.
I’m in charge of a study-based register of randomized/controlled clinical trials of schizophrenia that I use to do searches for our group’s Cochrane reviews. So, I’m interested in managing all trials data in this topic in one place and organize and structure them.


Hi Community,
I am Biplov Bhandari, from Nepal. ATM I am based in AIT, Thailand. I am involved with open data from beginning in Nepal (OSM, Development Gateway, etc.). After coming to Thailand, I was surprised to know that there is no any Open Knowledge working group here.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and also ask to point me where should this question go? I emailed, got no reply and then tried irc channel and one of us guide me here.

I look forward to work together.

Cheers :slight_smile:



Hello Biplov, Welcome to the discussion list, so happy to see you, I am also from Nepal representing Open Knowledge Nepal. I think @Mor or @nealbastek can help you to find your answer regarding the process of creating new Local Group at Thailand, if you are thinking so.